Cryptomeria japonica

Yoshino Cryptomeria


Large growing, pyramidal form. 30-40' with strong central leader. Dark green foliage with slight bronze color in winter. ‘Yoshino’ makes a dramatic landscape element for an open lawn or can be used as an attractive street tree, particularly for narrow spaces. Yoshino has been successfully grown in urban areas where air pollution, poor drainage, compacted soil, and/or drought are common.

40-45' H x 15-20' W

USDA Zones 6-8.

Black Dragon Cryptomeria

'Black Dragon'

A smaller broadly pyramidal form with dark green foliage. The ideal accent plant for a small garden. Protect from dry cold winds.

10-12'H x 3-4' W

USDA Zones 6-8

Radican Cryptomeria


Large growing pyramidal tree to 30-40'. Foliage is somewhat darker and fuller than Yoshino. Compared to Yoshino, Radicans has a more columnar growth habit, is more resistant to leaf spot, and the foliage does not bronze as readily in the fall.

35-40' H x 15-20' W

USDA Zones 6-8

Globosa Nana

'Globosa nana'

A slow growing dwarf form of cryptomeria with bright green foliage that keeps a nice compact and round shape which never needs pruning. It is a wonderful substitute for boxwoods, dwarf yaupon and Japanese hollies and other common foundation plants that are often pruned into balls.

2-4' x 3-4'

USDA Zones 5-9