Patti Faye Deodar Cedar

'Patti Faye'

Cedrus deodara ‘Patti Faye’

A seedling selection of Himalayan Cedar exhibiting good form and unique blue foliage. Discovered in 2000 from a population of Cedrus seedlings from Lawyers Nursery. Named for Ralph's wife Patti Faye Rushing.

USDA zone 6-9

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Carolina Sapphire

'Carolina Sapphire'

Cuppressus arizonica ‘Carolina Sapphire’

Carolina Sapphire is a fast growing cultivar of Arizona cypress.Suitable for use as a low-maintenance tall hedge, windbreak, or an attractive specimen tree. Large, pyramidal to 30-50' with bright, blue-silver foliage.

USDA Zones 7-9

Leighton Green Leyland Cypress

‘Leighton Green’

Cuppressocyparis Leylandi

The most popular of the Leyland cultivars, 'Leighton Green' is used in the landscape as a fast growing, pyramidal screen. In the southeast it has been increasingly popular in the choose and cut Christmas tree trade.

35' - 50' H x 15'-25' W

USDA Zones 6-10A

Murray Leyland tree


Cupressocyparis leylandii 'Murray Cypress'

This variety is becoming more and more popular as both a Christmas tree and for landscape use. It is strong, fast-growing, and tolerant of wetter soils with excellent disease resistance.

35'-50' H x 15'-25' W

USDA Zones 6-10A



Juniperus virginiana 'Burki'

Broadly pyramidal with silver, blue-green foliage, turning a purplish color in winter. Tolerant of poor soils and drought, not for wet sites. Excellent as a large scale screen.

35-40' H x 15-20' W

USDA Zones 3-9



var. silicicola 'Brodie'

Handsome upright columnar form with dense, dark green foliage. Perfect for screens, narrow hedges, or as a specimen. Introduced by James Brodie of Brodie’s Nursery.

25-30’ H x 25-30' W

USDA Zones 3-9

Thuja Emerald

Emerald Green

Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd'

Compact, pyramidal with dense, dark green foliage. Maintains good green color thru winter

15-20' h x 4-6 w

USDA Zones 5-7

Green Giants

Green Giant

Thuja (standishii x plicata)

Green Giant' is a vigorously growing, pyramidal evergreen with rich green color that remains outstanding throughout hardiness range. An excellent substitute for Leyland cypress.

60' h x 12-20' w USDA Zones 5-7
Thuja Yellow Ribbon

Yellow Ribbon

Thuja occidentalis

Yellow Ribbon Arborvitae has foliage that is a true 50/50 mix of dark emerald green and super bright golden yellow - green on the inner half, and golden on the outer half. When grown, this arborvitae is hard to beat as far as striking beauty goes.

10' h x 3' w

USDA Zones 3-7